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Participate in critical debate and promote and develop nursing knowledge with researchers from diverse clinical and academic settings from around the world. The event will help to facilitate the sharing and collaboration between health care researchers.

About the conference

The RCN Research Society invites the submission of abstracts of contemporary research which make a new contribution to a body of knowledge in any of the following ways:

  • offer innovation in methodology
  • inform the development or effectiveness of nursing / healthcare / organizational interventions or arrangements
  • advance understanding of patient or user experience
  • inform debate in health policy or public health
  • advance knowledge in the field of improvement science
  • inform the development, effectiveness or planning of the nursing / healthcare / research workforce
  • investigate the preparation of the nursing and healthcare workforce
  • critically reflect on any of the above

The RCN Research Society is particularly interested in receiving abstracts concerning the health care needs of groups of people who are traditionally underrepresented in research, such as the black and minority ethnic (BME) and "seldom heard" communities.  We particularly welcome papers which use research to reflect on the current 'crisis' faced by nursing in many countries e.g. changing workforce profiles, staffing and other organisational issues, healthcare reform, 'caring' and compassion, workforce morale, nursing in the media.

The conference aims to:

  • bring together researchers from diverse clinical and academic settings from around the world to participate in critical debate
  • promote and advance a body of knowledge with relevance to nursing
  • facilitate sharing and collaboration between health care researchers

To stimulate networking and debate the conference will include a variety of keynote papers, symposia, concurrent sessions, poster presentations and visual presentations with expert review (ViPER). There will also be a lively social programme.


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