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We’ll be exploring the different factors that lead to people becoming overweight, discovering how diets work (and why they sometimes don’t!), discussing how we can manage our own weight better, and asking how we can tackle the rising issue of obesity.  There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and join in the discussion, and stay for drinks after the event and mingle with the speakers.

In partnership with the University of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences.

Our panel of experts for the evening include:

Prof Paul Aveyard, University of Oxford, a GP who researches ways to help people change their behaviour
Prof Susan Jebb, University of Oxford, a nutrition scientist who specialises in diet and weight loss
Dr Giles Yeo, University of Cambridge, who specialises in the genetics of obesity
Prof Fiona Gribble, University of Cambridge, who specialises in how our hormones respond to food.

And holding it all together is our Chair for the evening and presenter of “What’s The Right Diet For You?  A Horizon Special” Dr Christoffer van Tulleken.  Chris is an Oxford University graduate and a Medical Research Council PhD student.  He has presented several TV programmes including the BAFTA Award winning CBBC series ‘Operation Ouch!’ and BBC Two’s ‘Trust Me, I’m a Doctor’.

Cost - £7.50

Also taking place at the Cambridge Science Festival - 10 March.

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