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Transforming Health Systems to Optimize Individual and Population Health

The Planning Committee selected the theme of "Transforming Health Systems to Optimize Individual and Population Health" for the  7th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation to reflect the opportunity, excitement, and charge to the field that we have in 2014.
Overall, the goal of Dissemination and Implementation Sciences is to promote and rigorously evaluate the impact of the integration of evidence-based approaches, into clinical and community settings via public health practice, healthcare delivery and healthcare policy. As still emerging fields, the definitions of dissemination and implementation and the type of research they encompass may vary according to setting, sponsor, mechanisms of action and target. However, the intent of this research is to investigate and address social, behavioral, economic, organizational factors and policies that impede effective dissemination and implementation of evidence based clinical, public health and organizational findings, test new approaches to improve health programming, and determine causal relationships between interventions and the impacts of their widespread use.
Dissemination and Implementation Sciences are also characterized by a focus on the roles of variations in implementation processes (how interventions are implemented) and context of dissemination (setting, population, economic drivers as examples) on heterogeneity of results.
The conference seeks novel research or conceptual papers that address any of the topics included above, with emphasis on empirical, data driven findings for how best to integrate evidence-based interventions within clinical and community settings and/or how to recast the nature or conduct of the research itself to make it more relevant and actionable in those settings.
Abstracts are encouraged for three types of scientific sessions:

  • Individual Oral Presentations
  • Panels
  • Poster Sessions

The goal of these sessions is to stimulate interactions among researchers and experts in the field. Therefore, the sessions will be structured and executed in order to optimize interaction and networking among conference participants.
Abstract Submission Deadline: Friday 8 August 2014


The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) | Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) | Robert Wood Johnson Foundation | Veterans Affairs (VA)


For more details contact Meghan Wolfe.

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