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Chaired by: Dr Andrew Papanikitas
Council Member, General Practice with Primary Healthcare Section and President, Open Section RSM. 
NIHR Academic CLinical Lecturer in General Practice, University of Oxford

The rhetoric of markets affects all clinicians and all patients in some way.

  • Is the market an appropriate way to think about primary care? 
  • Given the imposition of markets in the UK and many other global settings, how should policy-makers, commissioners, clinician and patients think and act in other to do so in a way that is both right and fair? 
  • What is the ethical response to market forces and performance incentives? 
  • Do new medical technologies distort the ethical marketplace?
  • Do different markets require different values, and should they? 
  • How do we prepare new clinicians for and help patients to navigate the ethical market place? 
  • The metaphor of the market also applies to those who would study or teach ethics in practice. Why should some ideas be endorsed and others shunned, some be preached and others practised?

This conference offers a market place, or better still, a forum for ideas, questions research and shared learning in the field of primary healthcare ethics. The RSM welcome delegates from all disciplines and professions or with an interest in the ethics in of and for primary healthcare, and invite submissions for posters.

This meeting will bring together academics, educators, practitioners, ethicists and managers and others involved in the planning and delivery of primary care in an interdisciplinary event which will explore the ethical choices that clinicians make every day in commonplace situations.

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