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How to appraise, interpret and publish a network meta-analysis. A three-day course for clinicians, researchers and policy makers, with formal lectures and group work

Led by the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford, this course aims to:

  • Understand what a NMA involves and its underlying assumptions
  • Become familiar with the different ways of presenting results in NMA
  • Identify clinical questions to be addressed in the context of a NMA
  • Critically appraise NMAs
  • Learn how to use STATA software commands for NMA
  • Understand the key features of a NMA protocol
  • Learn important  tips on how to write the manuscript and reply to peer reviewers comments.


This course is intended for clinicians, researchers and decision modellers interested in the use of evidence-based medicine in clinical practice, who want to expand and deepen their knowledge of indirect and mixed treatment comparisons (the so called, Network Meta-Analysis - NMA), in the context of clinical effectiveness evaluation.

The course will focus on the tools needed to be able to understand, critically appraise and interpret a NMA. A selected group of expert clinicians, researchers and scientists, with a strong track record in the field of NMA, will guide you during the 3-day course. This is an informal, hands-on course, based on a mixture of lectures and practical work. Course tutors are available throughout to answer questions and help with group work.


  • Doug Altman
  • Tianjing Li
  • Deborah Caldwell
  • Stefan Leucht
  • Georgia Salanti
  • Muir Gray
  • Huseyin Naci
  • John Geddes
  • Andrea Cipriani

Course fee (all inclusive): £1200 (25% discount for students).

Fee includes slides & scientific literature, welcome reception, accommodation/breakfast at Merton College*, drink reception on 29 June and a gala dinner (Oriel College) on 30 June.

Course fee (without accommodation): £1000 (25% discount for students).

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