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Usama Ali

Medical Statistician

Sarah Amani

Senior Programme Manager (Early Intervention in Psychosis), Oxford AHSN

Thanusha Ananthakumar

Academic Clinical Fellow

Nerys Astbury

Senior Researcher - Diet & Obesity

Mary Jane Attenburrow

Senior Clinical Research Fellow

Paul Aveyard

Professor of Behavioural Medicine

Omar Aziz

MSc Student

Anne-Marie Boylan

Departmental Lecturer & Senior Research Fellow NIHR CLAHRC Oxford

Antoinette Broad

Project Manager

Matthew Broome

Senior Clinical Research Fellow

Katy Burke

Clinical Researcher

Órlaith Burke

Senior Statistician

William Burns

Chair of NIHR CLAHRC Scientific Advisory Board

Alexandra Cairns

NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow

Keith Channon

Deputy Head of Division (Research)

Alice Coates

Research Clinical Psychologist, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Bethan Copsey

DPhil Student

Carole Crawford

Research Midwife

Felipe Da Silva

Academic Clinical Fellow in Psychiatry

Mike Denis

Director of Information Strategy

Sue Dopson

Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Laurence Dowden

Commissioning Manager

Andrew Farmer

Professor of General Practice

Seena Fazel

Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow

Josephine Fielding

Clinical Researcher

Bethany Fordham

Senior Psychology Research Fellow

Jane Fossey

Associate Director of Psychological Services Oxford Health NHS FT

Kerstin Frie

Postdoctoral Researcher

Elizabeth Gibbons

Senior Research Scientist

Margaret Głogowska

Senior Researcher

Alastair Gray

Professor of Health Economics & Director, HERC

Rick Grobbee

NIHR CLAHRC Oxford Scientific Advisory Board Member

Jane Hainsworth

PA to Belinda Lennox

Zara Hansen

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Jamie Hartmann-Boyce

Senior Researcher (Health Behaviours), Managing Editor (Cochrane Tobacco ...

Adrian Hayes

Academic Clinical Fellow

Christine Hedges

Psychological Medicine Research Administrator

Susan Jebb

Professor of Diet and Population Health

Karen Kearley

Clinical Researcher

Laura Kelly

Research Officer

Fauzia Knight

Senior Qualitative Researcher

José Leal

Associate Professor

Joseph Lee

NIHR In Practice Fellow

Paul Leeson

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Samantha Lyle


Lucy MacKillop

Obstetric Physician Consultant in Maternal Medicine, Oxford University ...

Claire Madigan

Theme Lead Health Behaviour Research

Sara McKelvie

GP & Researcher, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust; Doctor of Medicine Student

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