Nerys Astbury

BSc(Hon) MMedSc PhD

Senior Researcher - Diet & Obesity

Diet, Obesity, Weight management, Regulation of energy intake

I'm a Nutrition Scientist and Senior Researcher in the Health Behaviours team. My main interests are how dietary manipulations impact weight management and the regulation of energy intake.

I am a co-investigator on the Doctor referral of overweight people to low-energy total diet replacement treatment (DROPLET) and have received funding from the NIHR CLAHRC for a systematic review and meta-analysis of meal replacment products for the treatment of overweight and obesity. I'm currently working on developing a weight loss toolkit which will utilise meal replacements to help people manage their weight, including for the attenuation of weight gain during pregnancy.

If you're interested in "Crash Diets" (Total Diet Replacement programmes) like those used in the DROPLET study you can find further information on our website:

This includes specific information for people wanting to try this approach and for GPs who may be asked to support people on a Total Diet Replacement Programme, including guidance to assist in adjusting medications.