Jamie Hartmann-Boyce

MA, DPhil

Senior Researcher (Health Behaviours), Managing Editor (Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group)

I work for the health behaviours team, focussing on obesity and tobacco control. My particular interests lie in evidence synthesis (both quantitative and qualitative), guideline development, and knowledge translation. I am passionate about engaging the public in our research and have been involved in podcasts, blogging, and tv and radio interviews to communicate research results outside of academia. As a managing editor for the Cochrane Tobacco Review Group, I assist in the promotion and dissemination of the Group's work, author a number of the group's reviews, and am a member of the Cochrane Bias Methods Group. I have an MA in the history of medicine; my MA work explored the tobacco industry's influence on discourses about personal responsibility for health in the 1950s and 60s. My DPhil research focussed on the self-management of weight, and includes the Oxford Food and Activity Behaviours (OxFAB) study.


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