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Claire Schwartz

Research Fellow

I work in the field of hypertension and cardiovascular disease prevention and have taken on the role of research fellow working with Professor Richard McManus. I was previously at the University of Birmingham where I was involved in the BP-eth study, investigating the diagnosis and comparison of blood pressure in ethnic groups, and managed the Tasmin-SR clinical trial, which studied self-management of blood pressure in a high-risk population. Both studies involved mixed methods including quantitative and qualitative data. Currently I am involved with the writing up for the main trial outcomes and looking at using data from these studies and previous work to look at secondary outcomes.  

My own research interests include the effects of psychosocial stress on cardiovascular disease and, given the link between the stress response and hypertension, I hope to develop interventions which moderate this effect and can be used in clinical studies for a hypertensive and pre-hypertensive population. I also hope to be able to bring a self-monitoring aspect into these trials as I will be involved in the self-monitoring programme currently taking place in Oxford.

My interests also extend to the effects of psychosocial stress on health behaviours and particularly the effects that stress has on different ethnic and deprived patient groups. These populations can be under-represented in trials and I would like to develop initiatives to reach these populations and investigate the valuable effects that interventions could have on these patient groups.  

I have a biomedical laboratory science background and completed my PhD at the Bristol Heart Institute, part of the University of Bristol.