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DPhil Students: Carl welcomes informal contacts from students in the following areas:


Carl Heneghan


Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine

  • Director of CEBM & Programs in EBHC
  • Editor in Chief, BMJ EBM
  • NHS Urgent Care GP
  • NIHR Senior Investigator

Carl Heneghan is a Clinical Epidemiologist with expertise in Evidence-Based Medicine, Synthesising evidence and informing decision for better healthcare. 

He is Director of the NIHR SPCR Evidence Synthesis Working Group a collaboration of nine primary care departments He has published 95 Systematic reviews,  and authored high impact work including the Tamiflu systematic reviews.

Hei s a frontline urgent care GP.  

 His work also includes investigating drug and devices, advising governments on regulatory evidence and working extensively with the public and the media.

He has investigated the evidence for sports drinks, IVF 'Add-on' treatments, metal-hips, screening, surgical mesh, medical devices and hormone pregnancy tests. He has worked in the field of diagnosis for over 15 years and is one of the leads for the Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference.

He is a clinical advisor to two UK All Parliamentary Party Group on Surgical Mesh and Hormone Pregnancy Tests, and A founder of the AllTrials campaign twice voted one of the top 100 NHS clinical leaders by the HSJ. In 2018 he was awarded NIHR Senior Investigator status


In 2019 he received a lifetime achievement award from Oxford's Medical Science Division for his sustained commitment to education and teaching.

He is Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM), which builds capacity through teaching and training activities. He teaches undergraduates, postgraduates and teachers of EBM, and is Director of Programs in Evidence-Based Health Care,

Dissemination and Media: See fInd an expert page

Carl is a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4's Inside Health series, regularly podcasts his talks on iTunes to download. He has an active Twitter account @carlheneghan and  Blogs at CEBM

The BMJ Talk Evidence podcast:  Duncan Jarvies, Helen Macdonald and Carl Heneghan – with occasional guests- discuss what’s been happening in the world of evidence. He is Editor in Chief of BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine and Editor of the Catalog of Bias.

He has over 400 peer-reviewed publications (current H Index 64) and co-authored the EBM toolkit and Statistics Toolkit (BMJ-Blackwell’s) and, developed the EvidenceLive conference, now in its 10th year. 

DPhil Supervision

Georgia Richards:  The global use and national prescribing of opioid analgesics

Tonny Muthee: The prevention and management of cardiovascular risk in Kenyan primary care settings.

Kome Gbingie: Diagnosis and management of urinary tract infections in adults.

Nick Devito:  Trials transparency and conflict of interest. 

Part TIme EBHC DPhils:

Ranin Soliman: Improving Childhood Cancer outcomes in Egypt

Wangari Waweru-Siika: Non-Cardiologist-Performed Focused Cardiac Ultrasound in Kenya

Sunil Patel: Barriers to Care in Rectal Cancer, the Ontario Rectal Cancer Cohort Study 

Pamela Angle: Can we improve the diagnosis of postdural puncture headache

Hongyi XuAddressing health care challenges for ageing populations in resource constraint setting.

Conflicts of interest and payments:

Carl has received expenses and fees for his media work (including payments from BBC Radio 4 Inside Health). He has received expenses from the WHO, FDA, and holds grant funding from the NIHR, the NIHR School of Primary Care Research, The NIHR BRC Oxford and the WHO. He has received financial remuneration from an asbestos case and to date has given legal advice on mesh cases. He has also received income from the publication of a series of toolkit books published by Blackwells. On occasion, he receives expenses for teaching EBM and is also paid for his GP work in NHS out of hours (contract with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust).  He is Director of CEBM, which jointly runs the EvidenceLive Conference with the BMJ and the Overdiagnosis Conference with international partners, based on a  non-profit making model. He is Editor in Chief of BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine and is an NIHR Senior Investigator.  

Key publications

Recent publications