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Antoinette Broad

Project Manager

I am a registered adult nurse and I am a clinical lead for adult community services within the Oxford Health Foundation NHS Trust. My main passion has been the care of the older adult. In 2004 I set up the Oxfordshire Falls prevention service which has been recognised nationally as a leading model of care. Locally it has resulted in reductions in fracture rates both improving the lives of older people and reducing the financial strain on our NHS purse. In 2010 I set up a Care Home Support Service; a multidisciplinary team that supports care home staff with the early detection of deteriorating residents, supporting discharge from acute hospital care, focusing on falls prevention and increasing awareness and competence of care home staff in managing their residents with complex conditions. In 2012 a successful collaborative bid with Dr Jane Fossey to the Department of Health Dementia Strategy fund enabled the integration of a mental team within the Care home support service. The overarching aim is to improve the care quality for residents living with dementia in Oxfordshire care homes and to examine whether evidence based practice can be implemented into the NHS context. I have now been seconded to work for the CLAHRC to project manage research in Dementia.