Does an integrated service for people with bipolar disorder lead to better outcomes that a standard Community Mental Health Team service augmented with patient reported outcomes? And is the system cost-effective?

The OXTEXT NIHR Programme Grant developed and evaluated a system of self-monitoring for bipolar disorder based on the True Colours software.

This care model is now being implemented in the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

We need to evaluate the potential additional benefits of assessment and care planning by a specialist service which has been shown prospectively to improve patient outcomes by colleagues in an intensively managed clinic in Denmark.

We plan to extend this work to develop, evaluate and implement a care system for people with bipolar disorder based on patient self-management which is fully integrated with both primary care and expert specialist care within the NHS.

The aim is to provide a cost-effective service that can provide care for patients across a wide geographical area, in a way which is feasible, scalable, and acceptable to patients.

The new care model will provide specialist structured assessment plus recommendations for both self and primary care management plus continuous remote monitoring using True Colours and a clearly specified approach to early intervention.

Project lead: Dr Mary Jane Attenburrow

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