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Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the main cause of death in Western world. Furthermore, an aging population will result in increased chronic condition prevalence in the future. Ambient Intelligence (AmI) allows users to benefit from an enormous variety of user-centered services to improve their quality of life and self manage their chronic conditions. Novel collaboration methods are essential with the coming aging society. This paradigm will facilitate user support through novel medical protocol design for chronic disease treatment, based on the healthy lifestyle promotion by allowing intelligent and natural interaction between the context and individuals. This paper presents the iterative validation of the user interaction based on contexts in a Heart Failure Management solution. Heart Failure Management daily monitors vital body signals, using wearable and mobile technologies, to continuously assess this chronic disease. The methodology applied herein has involved stakeholders in an iterative process: Model validation, feasibility, efficiency, user experience, and acceptance. These carefully designed systems play an important role in motivating people to adopt healthier lifestyles by using technical solutions. These solutions allow patient self-management of their chronic condition. © 2009 IEEE.

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81 - 86