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Toolkits, evaluating the impact of involvement, engaging with patients, co-production, shared decision making and so on. If you have a question not answered elsewhere, you'll likely find a help here.


Resource Link How will it help?
Guidance on working with public co-applicants


Explain when having a public co-applicant could assist your application and how to ensure that they are properly supported and central to the ongoing work.

Guidance on co-producing a research project

Webpage (

Co-producing a research project is an approach in which researchers, practitioners and the public work together, sharing power and responsibility from the start to the end of the project, including the generation of knowledge.

This guidance is a first step in moving toward clarity about what we mean by co-producing a research project. It explains the key principles and features of co-producing a research project and suggests ways to realise the principles and key features. Finally, the guidance outlines some of the key challenges that will need addressing, in further work, to aid those intending to take the co-producing research route.

NIHR PPI Standards

Webpage (NIHR)

The standards are a description of what good public involvement in research looks like designed to encourage self-reflection and learning. You can use them as a tool to identify what you are doing well, and what needs improving.  They can be used with any method or approach to PPI and be adapted to your own situation.

The action plan on standards for Oxford CLAHRC

Completing the feedback cycle Feedback guide This guidance will help you think about how and when you should be giving feedback to your PPI Contributors.

Patient & Public Involvement, Engagement and Experience 

references and resources

.pdf This set of resources is intended to help people to develop person centred improvement, innovation, research and care.