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The OxFAB preliminary results infographic.

The Oxford Food and Activity Behaviours (OxFAB) study launched in early 2015 and was widely publicised at its launch through links with a BBC Horizon TV programme, which aired at the time.

More than 40% of the UK population say they are trying to lose weight at any one time, but we know very little about how all these people are trying to lose weight and how successful they are. That’s the gap in our knowledge that the OxFAB study hoped to fill.

“As there were no incentives for people to be involved in OxFAB, we felt it was particularly important to share the results with participants in a timely fashion and in as accessible and engaging a manner as possible,” said Dr Jamie Hartmann-Boyce who ran the OxFAB project as part of her DPhil. “Rather than simply summing up our preliminary analysis in a short paragraph, or sharing an academic publication, as is often done, we opted to create an infographic.”

After analysing the preliminary data, Jamie worked together with Gavin Hubbard, CLAHRC Oxford Communications Officer, to pick through the data and decide on the most important facts and findings to share. They then worked to develop the visuals that conveyed these findings clearly and interestingly to over 1,000 study participants.

The OxFAB project was jointly funded by CLAHRC Oxford and the NIHR School for Primary Care Research.

Download the .pdf here.


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