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Professor Belinda Lennox, CLAHRC Oxford deputy director and ‘Early intervention and service redesign’ theme leader, was featured in a special mental health episode of the BBC’s flagship medical show ‘Trust me, I’m a doctor’.

The programme, first broadcast on 01 November, touched on a wide variety of mental health issues, including the best ways to beat stress, how sleep affects mental health, food and mood, and Professor Lennox’s research looking at the link between the immune system and the development of psychosis.

As well as her role with CLAHRC Oxford, Professor Lennox is also a Consultant Psychiatrist at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and Associate Professor and senior clinical lecturer in the University of Oxford’s Department of Psychiatry.

You can read more about Professor Lennox’s research on the immune system and psychosis via the Department of Psychiatry here.

Professor Lennox’s work with CLAHRC Oxford evaluates new types and ways of delivering health and social care services, with a focus on  detecting and treating the early signs of serious physical or mental illnesses.

You can view the episode online at:

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