NIHR CLAHRC Oxford theme lead honoured by the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine.

Professor michael sharpe wins excellence and innovation award
Pictured: (Left) Dr Jeff Huffman, who led the committee that decided who received the award this year, Professor Michael Sharpe (centre), and Dr Don Lipsitt (right)

Professor Michael Sharpe of the University of Oxford’s Department of Psychiatry – and NIHR CLAHRC Theme Four lead – has been awarded the prestigious Don R. Lipsitt Award for 'Integrated and Collaborative Care' for his research and clinical work.

MThe Don R. Lipsit award, from the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine, recognises excellence and innovation in the integration of mental and physical healthcare.

‘On behalf of my colleagues in Oxford University and in Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,' said Professor Sharpe, 'I am absolutely delighted that our work together, to improve patient outcomes through research, has received this international recognition.'

The Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine is an international organisation representing psychiatrists dedicated to the advancement of medical science, education and healthcare for people with comorbid psychiatric and general medical conditions.

Professor Sharpe leads the NIHR CLAHRC Oxford's multi-morbidity theme, which aims to improve the care of those with a mental illness that is associated with physical illness. Projects investigate managing depression for people towards the end of their life and helping nursing staff to provide basic compassionate psychological care for hospital patients.

Professor Sharpe’s current interests include developing and evaluating integrated depression management for cancer patients and proactive integrated psychiatry services for general hospital inpatients.

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