Nihr clahrc response to the nhs five year forward view

NIHR CLAHRCs support the vision set out for the English NHS in the NHS Five Year Forward View (5YFV), published 23 October 2014.

5YFV has been acclaimed both across national media and within health and social care for the clarity with which it articulates not simply why change is needed but also what that change might look like. NIHR CLAHRCs welcome the opportunity that it provides for a reasoned debate about the future of English health and social care.

It is of course a forward view rather than plan, so there is less detail of how changes can be achieved. We offer that NIHR CLAHRCs should play a central role – locally and nationally – to ensure that changes are evidence-based, to realise their maximal value, to accelerate their implementation and to carry out their evaluation.

The financial viability of the View rests on the successful introduction of new models of care as well as so called ‘combinatorial innovations’.  NIHR CLAHRCs’ triple expertise – in applied research, evidence for implementation and capacity building – makes them uniquely qualified to answer these “high impact questions in health services redesign”.

NIHR CLAHRCs bring evidence and experience to central questions of how to engage patients and public, how to broker and sustain local collaborations, how to develop capacity for new leadership models across the whole range of health professionals and organisations, and how to advance and evaluate the integration of health and social care.

NIHR CLAHRCs are critical system assets for the delivery of the central ambitions of the View. We welcome the opportunity to contribute to improving services for patients, communities and the nation.

See CLAHRC evidence summaries (BITEs) on NICE Evidence Search.

Detail of publication

Initially developed by NHS England, the final report has a collective authorship that includes NHS England, Public Health England (PHE), Monitor, Health Education England (HEE), the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the NHS Trust Development Authority (NHSTDA). It also draws on inputs from a range of health sector only organisations, patient groups, clinicians and independent experts.

Find a pdf here.

The web version is structured as follows:

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