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Can you champion the role of patients and carers in improving UK health and care research? Do you have the skills to help our advisory group become a leading influence in global public involvement?

If the answer is yes, apply to become the new Chair of INVOLVE.

INVOLVE is a national advisory group whose role is to bring together expertise, insight and experience in the field of public involvement in research, with the aim of advancing it as an essential part of the process by whichc research is identified, prioritised , designed, conducted and disseminated.

The INVOLVE Advisory Group, a respected source of expertise nationally on public involvement in health and care research, is recruiting for a new Chair.

Leading with your public, patient or carer voice, you will work collaboratively to develop and amplify the Group’s standing and their contribution to advancing public involvement, both inside and outside the National Institute for Health Research.

You might be a patient or interested member of the public with relevant professional, voluntary or personal experiences and a passion for developing others. Perhaps you are a Charity Director/CEO with an interest in health or research who would benefit from a secondment with INVOLVE?

Whatever your background or professional experience, if you have the skills and passion we are looking for, we’d love to hear from you.

Closing date for applications is 31st August 2017.

To find out more about this position, please click here. 

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