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The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) – the research arm of the NHS – has acknowledged the work of NIHR CLAHRC Oxford in its 2014-2015 annual report.

The annual report details the achievements of the NIHR, which funds a number of organisations across England, throughout the 2014/15 financial year.

As part of its ‘saving lives, saving money’ chapter, the report showcases CLAHRC Oxford’s work examining whether 'Early Intervention in Psychosis' (EIP) services for young people (aged 16 to 35) result in improved outcomes and cost savings to the NHS from using the service.

Psychosis is a common, disabling disorder that costs the UK economy an estimated £11.8 billion per year.

B Lennox Quote News 10 Nov 2015

The Annual Report highlighted the finding that savings from using EIP services could equate to £5,200 per patient in EIP per year, and that patients under EIP services had significantly fewer mental health bed days and reduced attendances at A&E.


Other results of the CLAHRC study include patients under EIP services having improved employment and educational outcomes compared to those not under EIP services.

Together, these findings resulted in an invitation by NHS England to contribute to the development of the national Access and Waiting Time Standard for EIP, and to lead the preparedness for the new standard for the South of England.

Additionally, the Annual Report also recognises the awarding of Professor Michael Sharpe – CLAHRC Oxford ‘Better Management of Medical-psychiatric Multimorbidity’ theme lead – as ‘Psychiatrist of the year’ by the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2014.

"It's great that CLAHRC Oxford has managed to get two impact stories into the annual report, despite being a new CLAHRC." Says Professor Belinda Lennox, NIHR CLAHRC Oxford Deputy Director and Associate Professor and Clinical Senior Lecturer, "It's a strong endorsement of our approach, our focus on projects of high priority for the NHS that will have the maximum impact within the next few years."

The excellent work of other NIHR infrastructure in Oxford was also recognised in the report, including a number of high-impact projects carried out as part of the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre (BRC).

For more information on the CLAHRC EIP services work, you can download our BITE here.

The NIHR Annual Report 2014/15 can be downloaded here (.pdf)