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The latest research and news from the NIHR CLAHRC Oxford and our partners

£9million investment for health and social care research across Oxford and the Thames Valley

Funding Partner

Health and social care across Oxford and the Thames Valley is set to receive a boost over the next five years through £9 million of research funding from the National Institute for Health Research.

Online shopping interventions may help customers buy healthier foods

CLAHRC Partner Publication

Altering the default order in which foods are shown on the screen, or offering substitutes lower in saturated fat could help customers make healthier choices when shopping for food online, new research from CLAHRC Oxford supported researchers finds.

Low calorie meal replacements are a cost-effective routine treatment for obesity in the NHS

CLAHRC Research

NIHR CLAHRC Oxford supported Researchers: Replacing all regular meals with a low calorie diet of soups, shakes and bars, together with behavioural support, is cost-effective as a routine treatment for obesity

Only “modest” improvement in heart failure survival rates since 2000

CLAHRC Partner Research

Research led by Dr Clare Taylor and CLAHRC Oxford Director Professor Richard Hobbs finds that survival after a diagnosis of heart failure in the United Kingdom has shown only modest improvement in the 21st century and lags behind other serious conditions, such as cancer, in a large study published by The BMJ today.

New Year's Honours 2019


Professor Richard Hobbs, Director of the NIHR CLAHRC Oxford, is appointed CBE for services to medical research, and receives the RCGP Discovery Prize.

CLAHRC-supported DROPLET study informs NHS action to tackle obesity and type 2 diabetes

CLAHRC Partner

Hundreds of thousands of people will receive help to battle obesity and Type 2 diabetes under radical new NHS plans to trial very low calorie diets for the first time.

Trio of wins for ‘better management of medical-psychiatric multimorbidity’ theme researchers and clinicians.

CLAHRC Partner

November was a busy and successful month for members of our ‘better management of medical psychiatric multimorbidity theme’, with both individual researchers and teams winning awards, and the opening of a new psychological medicine service teaching and research centre.

GP referrals to total diet replacement programmes are effective for the treatment of obesity

New CLAHRC Oxford supported work shows that replacing food with a diet of soups, shakes and bars starting at 810 calories per day alongside regular sessions with a counsellor is a safe and clinically effective way to treat obesity in primary care.

Rare cancer could be caught early using simple blood tests

A pioneering study into myeloma, a rare cancer, could lead to GPs using simple blood tests to improve early diagnosis.

Supermarket interventions could play role in public health strategies, study finds

Oxford researchers have found that interventions carried out in in grocery stores – such as manipulating price or availability or suggesting swaps – have an impact on purchasing and could play a role in public health strategies to improve the nutritional quality of people’s diets.

The Big Crash Diet Experiment

Professors Susan Jebb and Paul Aveyard team up with the BBC to put the latest research on “crash dieting” to the test.

Moderate to high intensity exercise does not slow cognitive decline in people with dementia

CLAHRC Partner Research

New research supported by CLAHRC Oxford and led by CLAHRC Oxford Theme 2 lead, Professor Sallie Lamb, suggests that while exercise can improve the fitness of people with dementia it does not slow their cognitive decline.

Taxing sweet snacks may bring even greater health benefits than taxing sugar-sweetened drinks

CLAHRC Partner

A 10% tax on sweet snacks could lead to a similar reduction in consumer demand as taxing sugar-sweetened drinks, with the potential effect expected to be greatest in low-income households.

Presenting evidence to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Suicide and Self-harm Prevention

CLAHRC Partner Research

CLAHRC Oxford supported researchers were recently invited to present evidence to the ‘suicide and self-harm’ All-party Parliamentary Group (APPG). The group were surprised and impressed by the evidence presented and intend to forward it to the Minister for Health and Social Care, Jeremy Hunt.

Cross-CLAHRC Cardiometabolic Research Day Success

CLAHRC Partner

The day brought together researchers from all 13 CLAHRCs working on cardiometabolic diseases to share, highlight and showcase their work and to look for potential cross-CLAHRC collaborations.

Trust Me, I’m a Doctor: Mental health special

Professor Belinda Lennox, CLAHRC Oxford deputy director and ‘Early intervention and service redesign’ theme leader, was featured in a special mental health episode of the BBC’s flagship medical show ‘Trust me, I’m a doctor’.

New study on health service costs of self-harm emphasises need for effective clinical services and prevention initiatives

CLAHRC Publication

CLAHRC Oxford supported study reveals the health service costs for hospital care of people who self-harm, emphasising the need for effective clinical services and prevention initiatives.

£1.24 million for new medical diagnostics hub

Funding Partner

University of Oxford researchers have been awarded £1.24 million to lead a medical diagnostics co-operative that will drive forward the development, evaluation and uptake of new medical diagnostic technologies to improve outcomes for patients in the community.

Medical statistician wins best presentation at RSS Young Statisticians Meeting

CLAHRC Partner

Usama Ali, medical statistician at the Centre for Statistics in Medicine (CSM), wowed the crowd at the Royal Statistical Society's (RSS) Young Statisticians Meeting, winning best presentation for his work on a CLAHRC Oxford funded project preventing falls in hospitals.

CLAHRC Oxford Infographic Shortlisted for NIHR Digital Award

CLAHRC Public engagement Research

A CLAHRC Oxford infographic, produced to share the preliminary results of the OxFAB study with participants of the study, has been shortlisted as part of the NIHR’s Let’s Get Digital competition.

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