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A collection of case studies of the real world difference CLAHRC Oxford research is making to the health and wealth of the Thames Valley and beyond.

Improving dental health in care homes

CLAHRC assessment of care home resident’s dental health leads to positive impact on patients.

The PROMS: Capturing the patient's experience

Capturing patient feedback, across multiple conditions, to redesign, renew or refine existing health and social care services, using a simple questionnaire.

Depression Care for Cancer Patients (DCPC) in the real-world NHS

Developing tools to implement effective depression care for people with cancer in the NHS.

EMUs and decision making

How the CLAHRC is helping to make sure the right decisions are made in Emergency Multidisciplinary Units (EMUs)

The (competency) Matrix: revolutions

Integrated care calls not just for changes in staff skills, but also how they're tracked and documented as demonstrated in this CLAHRC work whose outputs are now rolling out across our host trust.

The BeST treatment for low back pain

CLAHRC Oxford's impact bringing a new effective treatment for low back pain to more people, more quickly, in the more cost-effective way.

Making a difference early in psychosis

CLAHRC Oxford and its partners demonstrate the vital role, for both patients and the NHS, of early intervention in psychosis services.