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The CLAHRC will be at the BRC Open day on Friday the 24th May at the JR.

The audience will be general, and both the questions and answers should be brief.

We would like researchers and themes to submit simple questions that the public can feedback on. The more questions we get the better!

And we hope that the questions and answers might be of some use to you! We will collect all answers and feed back on them.


Example questions:

  • We’re planning a new study into how diet affects heart disease risk and calling it ‘MUNCHDEATH’. What do you think of this name? Can you think of a better name?
  • If you could control what research was done, what area or illness would be most important to you?
  • What is more important to you, preventing illness (physical or mental), or treating illness?
  • How long would you be willing to wait at the GP surgery/hospital for your appointment?
  • Changing behaviour – such as what we eat, how much we exercise or stopping smoking – can help to prevent disease. What change do you think you could make that would have the biggest impact on your health?
  • What do you think should be the research priority: preventing illness (physical or mental), or treating illness?
Your title and full name
Please also include your CLAHRC Theme title.
Feel free to include multiple questions, but please keep each one to a short sentence or two and in plain English.