CLAHRC Oxford DPhil students Kerstin Frei and Lousie Peeling share their experiences of attending the NIHR's Doctoral Training Camp, which this year focussed on Communications.

Dr Cynthia Srikesavan reveals what the SARAH hand exercise programme for Rheumatoid arthritis is, and how this CLAHRC Oxford funded project is working to get it into regular NHS use as quickly as possible.

What research has been done into online patient feedback about their health experiences? What do we know right now, and what can we learn from it?

Personal reflections and borrowing from marketings bag of tricks: Dr Beth Fordham gives her thoughts and experiences on a project implementing Back Skills Training in real-world clinics.

Lynne Maddocks, Coordinator of Patient & Public Involvement, shares her experience of piloting a series of seminars for our Patient and Public Involvement contributors, to help them be ready to shape the design, delivery and dissemination of our research.

What is adolescence and why does behaviour change so much during adolescence ? How does it affect mental health and what do we know about that? What are we doing to help younger people with mental health problems? This is a write up from a short public talk for Oxfordshire Science Festival covering these questions.

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